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Klostertorv Boogie Woogie

The purpose of this project was for Aarhus Municipality to create a work of art that should not only be a beautiful sight in the urban space, but also increase the feeling of security and encourage people to use and enjoy the square.

The work, Boogie Woogie ended up being a fascinating installation that can play with light and color to create a dynamic and inviting space.

Keld Valbæk’s role was to ensure that the entire electrical installation was carried out correctly and safely. The light installation brought an extra dimension to the sculpture,  making it alive and appealing in the evening hours.

The whole project was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate across different disciplines and see how art and technology can come together in a higher unity to enrich an urban space like Klostertorv. This installation has become an important contribution to the city’s cultural landscape and a testament to how the creative use of light can transform a public space.

Where is Klostertorv Boogie Woogie?

Right in the heart of Aarhus.

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