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The Serpentine Tunnel

Together with Cykelby Aarhus, Aarhus Municipality has selected the serpentine tunnel as it was one of the tunnels that had previously been most needed to create a safe environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The system works in such a way that it is sensors that pick up movements, which are then “translated” in a control system and converted into a dynamic light pulse.

A project like this, with a focus on security-creating lighting, has several important purposes. First and foremost, it is designed to increase the safety of those using the tunnel, especially cyclists and pedestrians. By improving visibility and creating a more welcoming environment, the risk of accidents and crime is reduced. In addition, such projects contribute to enhancing the aesthetics and identity of the local environment, making public spaces more appealing and improving the general quality of life for residents.

Keld Valbæk has contributed with setting up and maintaining the light in the tunnel.

Where is the Serpentine Tunnel?

The serpentine tunnel runs under Langelandsgade between Klostervang and Vestervang.

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