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The big blue harbour crane

The weather shines through at the big blue harbour crane. In an innovative fusion of art and technology, a large blue crane in the harbour area has become the center of a unique lighting project. This impressive construction has now become a living, colorful landmark for Aarhus, thanks to an interactive panel installed on a bridge for Navitas.

Visitors have the opportunity to interact with the panel, which triggers an information sequence on the crane. But the most unique thing about this project is how it incorporates real-time weather data from DMI. The system translates this data into a spectrum of light that reflects the current weather conditions.

This innovative approach to public art makes the crane more than just a functional part of the harbour area; it becomes a living symbol of the interaction between man, technology and nature. The project manages to tie together the city’s industrial heritage with a new era of technological art and environmental awareness.

The interactive element invites people to become an active part of the artwork. As they interact with the panel on the bridge, they become co-creators of the light show, creating a sense of cohesion and community among the city’s residents and visitors.

Keld Valbæk has been involved in the project and, among other things, installed the light on the big blue harbour crane.


Where is the big blue harbour crane?

At the end of Balticagade. The crane’s light is controlled from the bridge to Navitas.

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