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Housing associations

Keld Valbæk’s extensive experience with electrical installations in housing associations makes us a reliable business partner. Our team understands the unique challenges and needs housing associations face, from complex installations to day-to-day maintenance. This in-depth insight ensures that all electricity-related tasks are handled efficiently and with the greatest professional skill. Our proactive mindset minimizes the risk of breakdowns and extends the life of important electrical components, which ultimately saves housing associations time and money.

Customized Solutions

The understanding that each housing association is unique is at the heart of Keld Valbæk’s approach. We offer tailor-made solutions that are carefully tailored to each housing association’s specific needs and budget. Regardless of whether it concerns the installation of new electrical systems, upgrades or routine maintenance, Keld Valbæk can provide solutions that match your housing association’s needs.

Future insurance

With an eye on the future, Keld Valbæk ensures that the housing associations’ electrical systems not only meet today’s standards, but are also equipped for future technological development. This future-proof perspective means that housing associations can benefit from sustainable and energy-efficient electricity solutions that support greener and more economical operations.

When it comes to electrical service and maintenance in housing associations, Keld Valbæk is synonymous with quality, reliability and excellent customer service. Our experience and dedication to providing the best service makes us the ideal choice for any housing association looking for an electrical partner they can count on now and in the future. Contact us today and hear more about what we can do for you and your housing association.

Dedicated proposals from Keld Valbæk for your housing association

  1. Energy optimization: We analyze your current electricity consumption and suggest energy-efficient upgrades, such as LED lighting and intelligent lighting control, which can significantly reduce your energy costs.
  2. Safety Upgrades: With safety at the fore, we offer GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupter) installation and electrical panel upgrades to ensure your electrical systems meet the latest safety standards.
  3. Smart home technology: Integration of smart home technologies, such as programmable thermostats, smart locks and surveillance cameras, not only improves security, but also the comfort of the residents and the overall value of the housing association.
  4. Regular maintenance: We offer tailored maintenance agreements that ensure that your electrical systems always work optimally, with regular inspections and timely troubleshooting.
  5. Solar energy solutions: For those housing associations that are ready to take the step towards renewable energy, we can help with the design and installation of solar systems that can reduce dependence on traditional electricity and create significant savings over time.
  6. Accessibility improvements: To ensure that all residents have access to safe and convenient electrical installations, we offer solutions that improve accessibility, such as higher-placed sockets and light switches for wheelchair users.

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