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Access control (ADK-systems)

Security in your company or housing association is not just a matter of feelings; it is a concrete, measurable value that protects both people and assets. At Keld Valbæk, we understand that effective access control is a cornerstone of any security strategy. That’s why we offer ADK systems (Access Control Systems) that are tailored to meet your unique needs and daily routines.

Adaptation for all needs

Our ADK solutions range from control of individual doors to comprehensive systems covering entire buildings, including internal control of sensitive areas. Regardless of the scope of your needs, our goal is to create a security barrier that accurately reflects your company’s structure and daily flow.

Flexibility and integration

One of the keys to an effective ADK system is its ability to integrate with existing security solutions, including alarm and surveillance systems. Our technology is designed to work hand in hand with other systems, creating seamless and comprehensive security coverage for your business.

Usability and Monitoring

We take pride in offering solutions that are easy to operate for all employees, while also offering options for external monitoring. This ensures that your business is protected around the clock, even when you are off. The intuitive operation ensures that everyone can navigate the system without obstacles, which increases general safety.

Advanced recording and analysis

Our systems offer detailed logging of access events, making it possible to map and analyze access patterns. This is not only essential for responding to security incidents, but also for preventing potential threats and strengthening internal security protocols.

Only the best is good enough

At Keld Valbæk, we only sell recognized brands in locks and locking systems that meet all applicable insurance requirements. This ensures that your access control system is built on a foundation of reliability and recognized quality.

Our commitment to your safety does not stop at installation. We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your system always functions optimally and that your business remains safe and secure. Let us help you build a security infrastructure that protects what matters most to you.

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